Exhibitions in Egypt

Major Agricultural Show in Egypt, Middle East and Africa


The 2024 Egypt International Agricultural Exhibition (Agri Expo) is the most influential agricultural professional exhibition in Africa and the Middle East. Previous exhibitors and professional purchasers are located in major countries such as the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

In 2024, the exhibition will be open to Chinese agricultural enterprises for the first time. Agricultural machinery, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, greenhouse irrigation and other companies participated in the exhibition with good results.



In order to achieve better trade results, the exhibition period in 2023 has been extended by 4 days from the previous 3 days. A total of 20,000 professional buyers from 30 countries and regions visited the exhibition,including the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Turkey, South Africa, and Spain etc, among them the exhibitors from Jordan, Turkey , Saudi Arabia, India and other countries set up national pavilions at the exhibition site for centralized display, which greatly improved the internationalization of the exhibition.

Professional trade visitors, including retailers, wholesalers, importers and exporters, trade buyers, agricultural developers, etc., from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, etc. nation.

Egypt is an agricultural country. the rural population accounts for 56% of the country's total population, and its agricultural output accounts for about 18% of its GDP. Egypt is the most populous country in the Middle East and North Africa, with a total population of 76 million. From  economic, political and social perspective, agriculture is also a basic industry that ensures Egypt's food security. It has always been one of Egypt's pillar industries.

In order to promote agricultural development, the Egyptian government subsidizes chemical fertilizers and many agricultural inputs, and agricultural irrigation water is for free. In order to encourage the reclamation of wasteland and expand the area of arable land, the government provides long-term low-interest loans to the machinery purchased by the settlers,and provide water resources for their land.In particular, the newly reclaimed land is exempted from paying land tax within 10 years, and farmers are encouraged to cultivate more wasteland. Egypt is completely irrigated agriculture, which is not easily affected by climatic conditions. Crop yields are high and agricultural production is relatively stable. The Egyptian agricultural equipment market is estimated to be worth US$1.2 billion and is one of the industries with the highest proportion of GDP, accounting for approximately 17%.


China-Egypt agricultural cooperation has a great potential:

Agriculture is an important source of national income and the lifeline of Egypt's self-reliance. Currently the development of modern agriculture in Egypt mainly faces two major dilemmas. One is the lack of water resources. Most of Egypt's territory is desert, and the main agricultural irrigation area is located in the Nile Delta region. The second is the lack of intensive and fine modern agricultural management system. Nowadays, Egypt generally adopts extensive primary agricultural production mode, producing single varieties and uneven quality, and it is urgent to carry out agricultural modernization reform

China and Egypt are both major fertilizer and agricultural countries. In recent years, the two countries have made great progress in agricultural infrastructure, equipment manufacturing, and technology popularization. The two countries have complementary and win-win development potential.


With nearly 100 million inhabitants, Egypt is the largest Arab country and one of the most populous on the African continent, located in the center of the world and a major trade and transit destination. Egypt is located at the crossroads between Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and West and South Asia. Paris, Rabat, Istanbul, Dubai or Moscow are just a few hours' flight from Cairo. As the heart of international trade and commerce, Egypt can competitively supply a market of 1 billion people

Agri Expo is a gateway for enterprises to learn about the latest technologies in Egypt's agricultural field, and it is also an excellent platform for enterprises to enter the Middle East and African markets.