• Monoammonium Phosphate MAP

    Monoammonium Phosphate MAP

    As a fertilizer, it is most suitable to apply Monoammonium Phosphate during crop growth. Monoammonium phosphate is acidic in the soil, and too close to the seeds may have adverse effects. In acidic soils, it is better than calcium and ammonium sulfate, but in alkaline soils. It is also superior to other fertilizers; it should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizers to avoid reducing fertilizer efficiency.

  • Monopotassium Phosphate MKP

    Monopotassium Phosphate MKP

    Monopotassium Phosphate MKP for short, NPK formula: 00-52-34. This is a free-flowing product of white crystals and is known as the most effective source of phosphate and potassium salts. Suitable for drip irrigation, flushing, foliar and hydroponics, etc. Used as a high-efficiency phosphate-potassium compound fertilizer in agriculture; Monopotassium Phosphate products are widely used in almost all types of crops such as various types of cash crops, grains, fruits, vegetables, etc.

  • Urea Phosphate UP

    Urea Phosphate UP

    As a high-efficiency fertilizer, urea phosphate has an effect on plants in the early and mid-term, which is significantly better than traditional fertilizers such as urea, ammonium phosphate, and potassium dihydrogen phosphate.