Monopotassium Phosphate MKP

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Monopotassium Phosphate MKP for short, NPK formula: 00-52-34. This is a free-flowing product of white crystals and is known as the most effective source of phosphate and potassium salts. Suitable for drip irrigation, flushing, foliar and hydroponics, etc. Used as a high-efficiency phosphate-potassium compound fertilizer in agriculture; Monopotassium Phosphate products are widely used in almost all types of crops such as various types of cash crops, grains, fruits, vegetables, etc.

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Item Specification
Main Contents % 99.0
Phosphorus (as P2O5) % 52.0
Potassium Oxide (as K2O) % 34.0
pH 4.4-4.8
Moisture % 0.2
Heavy Metal (as Pb) % 0.005
Iron (as Fe) % 0.003
Arsenic (as As) % 0.005
Water Insoluble % 0.1
Chloride (as Cl ) % 0.2

CAS No.:7778-77-0

Molecular Weight:KH2PO4

EINECS No.:231-913-4


Molecular Formula:White or colorless crystal


25 KG

Dosing Instructions Fertigation

Crop Application date Total dosage Dosage per plants
Fruit trees (adult trees) As of start fertigation until 4 to 6 weeks before harvesting 100-200 kg/ha. Subject to soil and climatic conditions
Banana During the entire fertigation program 200-300 kg/ha Subject to soil and climatic conditions
Vegetables Beginning of vegetative growth until
2-4 weeks before harvesting
100 – 250 kg/ha Subject to soil and climatic conditions
(Processing) vegetables
• Potatoes
• Tomatoes
From tuber initiation till ripening stage
From 1 month after transplantation until maturation stage
100 – 200 kg/ha
150 – 300 kg/ha
Subject to soil and climatic conditions

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