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Power of Eddha-Fe:

Eddha-Fe, also known as ethylenediamine-N,N’-bis(2-hydroxyphenylacetic acid) – an iron chelator, has proven to be an effective and reliable solution for correcting iron deficiency in plants. It has excellent chelating properties for better absorption and transport of iron within plant cells. This property makes Eddha-Fe ideal for situations where plants have difficulty absorbing iron.

Promotes Optimal Plant Health:

The presence of iron is essential for a variety of plant functions, including chlorophyll synthesis, enzyme activation, and energy transfer. By incorporating Eddha-Fe into your soil management practices, you can ensure your plants receive an adequate supply of iron, promoting vigorous growth and improving overall health.

  • Appearance: Red brown powder and granular
  • Water Solubility: 100%
  • Iron Chelated: 6.0% min
  • Ortho-Ortho Content: 1.5%, 2.0%, 2.5%, 3.0%, 3.6%, 4.0%
  • PH (1% solution): 7.0-9.0
  • Heavy Metal (Pb): 30ppm max
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    EDDHA-Na EDDHA-Fe 6% Organic chelated iron fertilizer, EDDHA Fe, is most efficient to prevent and cure the disease of leaf-yellows due to iron deficiency for grain ,crops, fruit, vegetables, and flowers etc. As super water-soluble single microelement efficient organic fertilizer with a very fast iron releasing capacity EDDHA Fe can be widely used in various soils safely and efficiently. It can be an iron-supplementary agent to normal crops, making them grow better, and improve the quantity and quality of crops. There was also a significant improvement in the hardened, and fertility declined soil. It can be used as material for compound fertilizer also.
    Water Solubility
    99.0% min
    Iron Chelated
    6.0% min
    PH (1% solution)
    Heavy Metal (Pb)
    30ppm max
    Red Brown
    Big granular
    Medium granular
    Small granular

    * Can be used for soil below pH9, the plant absorption rate of 100%. * Can be fixed in the soil beneficial ingredients, reduce the loss; is conducive to adjust the            soil pH, to prevent soil hardening. * It can be used to control the diseases such as “yellow leaf disease” and “lobular disease”

    Product packaging
    1. Kraft bag: 25kg net with PE liner 2. Color box: 1kg/ foil bag per color box, 20 color boxes per carton 3. Drum: 25kg/cardboard drum Customized packing is available

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