• PASP


    Polyaspartic acid (PASP) belongs to a class of polyamino acids. Polyaspartic acid is susceptible to cleavage by the action of microorganisms and fungi due to the peptide bonds on the main chain of its structure. The final degradation products are ammonia, carbon dioxide and water which are harmless to the environment. Therefore, polyaspartic acid has a wide range of uses. It can be used in water treatment, medicine, agriculture, daily chemical and other fields. As a water treatment agent, its...
  • N-(n-butyl)-thiophosphoric Triamide(NBPT)

    N-(n-butyl)-thiophosphoric Triamide(NBPT)

    Specifications Item Specification Appearance White crystalline solids or white powder Content Content:≥ 97% Melting point 57-60°C Flashing point 96°C Boiling point 277.4°C(760 mm Hg) Density 1.171 g/cm 3 Water solubility 4.3 g/L at 25°C Packing 25 kg/Cardboard drum or Kraft paper bag; 500 kg/jumbo bag NBPT is currently one of the most effective urease inhibitors in the world. Nitrogen fertilizer is the most widely and important fertilizer type in modern agriculture, a...
  • IDS


    Scope of application As a complexing agent, it is used in alkaline earth metal and heavy metal ion cleaning agents. It is widely used in civil detergents, industrial cleaning agents, photographic industry cleaning agents, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, dyeing and finishing processes, textile industry, paper industry, photosensitive materials, ceramics industry , Electroplating industry, construction industry and extraction of heavy metal pollutants from soil. In the field of traditional ind...
  • DMPP


    DMPP (3,4- dimethylpyrazole phosphate): DMPP is usually supplied pre-blended with fertilizers. It’s a nitrification inhibitor that is efficient, safe, nontoxic, and it is also environmental and less cost in the world. The effective period of ammonium nitrogen fertilizer can be extended from 25 days to more than 50 days, and the utilization rate can be increased from 30% to more than 40%. Item Specification Appearance White to yellow-white crystalline solids Content 98.0%min Me...