• Zinc Sulphate

    Zinc Sulphate

    It can be used to prevent the diseases of fruit tree nursery, and it is also a common fertilizer to supplement crop zinc trace element fertilizer. It can be used as base fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, etc. [6] Zinc is one of the essential nutrient elements for plants. The white flower seedlings are easy to appear in maize due to zinc deficiency. When the zinc deficiency is serious, the seedlings will stop growing or even die. Especially for some sandy loam soil or fields with high pH value, zinc fertilizer such as zinc sulfate should be applied. The increase of zinc fertilizer also has the effect of increasing yield. Fertilization method: take 0.04 ~ 0.06 kg zinc fertilizer, water 1 kg, seed dressing 10 kg, pile up for 2 ~ 3 hours sowing. Before sowing, zinc fertilizer was applied to rhizosphere layer with 0.75-1kg/mu. If the leaf color is light at seedling stage, zinc fertilizer can be sprayed with 0.1kg/mu