• Top Grade China Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

    Top Grade China Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

    Mepiquat chloride is a mild plant growth regulator, used in the flowering period of crops, has no side effects on the flowering period, and is not prone to phytotoxicity.

  • Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN)

    Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN)

    Lemandou Calcium Ammonium Nitrate is a highly efficient source of calcium and nitrogen promptly available to plants.

    Calcium is an important secondary primary nutrient, directly related to the formation of the cell walls of the plants. As the mobility of calcium in the plant is limited, it has to be supplied throughout the growth season to keep adequate levels in the plant tissues and to ensure proper development. CAN helps plants to be more resistant to stress and improves the quality and shelf life of crops.

  • Calcium Nitrate

    Calcium Nitrate

    Lemandou calcium nitrate is an ideal source of crop calcium and nitrate nitrogen. Nitrate nitrogen is the only source of nitrogen that has a synergistic effect on calcium and can promote calcium absorption. Therefore, calcium nitrate can help plant cell walls develop, thereby improving fruit quality and shelf life.

  • Calcium Nitrate Granular+B

    Calcium Nitrate Granular+B

    CN+B is 100% soluble in water and is a boron-containing calcium nitrate water-soluble fertilizer. Boron can promote the absorption of calcium. At the same time, calcium and boron are supplemented, the fertilizer efficiency is faster and the utilization rate is higher. It is a neutral fertilizer, suitable for a variety of soils. It can adjust soil pH, improve soil aggregate structure, reduce soil compaction, and reduce soil pollution. When planting economic crops, flowers, fruits, vegetables and other crops, the fertilizer can prolong the flowering period, promote the normal growth of roots, stems, and leaves, ensure the bright color of the fruit, and increase the sugar content of the fruit. It can prolong the functional period of leaves and the growth period of plants, and delay crop senescence. It can improve the storage tolerance of fruits, increase the fresh-keeping time of fruits and vegetables, and endure storage and transportation.

  • Magnesium Nitrate

    Magnesium Nitrate

    Lemandou Magnesium Nitrate provides magnesium and nitrogen in plant-available form. Magnesium is essential for plants healthy growth. And the nitrate facilitates the uptake of magnesium by the plant, thus improving its efficiency. It also enriches plant nutrition with readily available, easily absorbed nitrogen.

  • Potassium Nitrate

    Potassium Nitrate

    Lemandou potassium nitrate (KNO₃) is a crystalline fertilizer totally soluble in water.

    Potassium is the primary nutrient related to quality in all crops, commonly used as a fertilizer for high-value crops, it helps to improve fruit size, appearance, nutritional value, flavor and increases shelf life.

    NOP solub is also an important raw material for water-soluble NPK production.