• Pesticides Herbicide Glyphosate 95%Tc Suppliers

    Pesticides Herbicide Glyphosate 95%Tc Suppliers

    Glyphosate herbicides usually consist of two main components – active content and total content. The effective content represents the content of the original glyphosate, and the total content refers to the content of glyphosate isopropylammonium salt. Our products are high in glyphosate in isopropyl ammonium salt, making them of the highest quality. This high glyphosate content enables the extraction of higher quantities of technical glyphosate, which increases potency.

  • Glyphosate


    Glyphosate is non-selective herbicide, which is high efficient, low toxicity, broad-spectrum, and sterilizable. In addition to a single, two-leaf weed, and perennial malignant weed, such as white grass and scented appendage. It is used to prevent orchard, forest and non-cultivated weeds and herbicides.