Polybulozole is a triazole plant growth regulator developed in the 1980s, and is an inhibitor of endogenous gibberellin synthesis. It can also increase the activity of rice indoleacetic acid oxidase and reduce the endogenous IAA level of rice seedlings. The top growth advantage of rice seedling was obviously weakened, and the breeding of side bud (tiller) was promoted. The appearance of the seedlings is short, thick and tiller, and the leaves are dark green. The roots are well developed. The anatomical study showed that polybulozole could make the cells of root, leaf sheath and leaf smaller, and the number of cell layers in each organ increased. Tracer analysis showed that rice seeds, leaves and roots could absorb polybulobutenazole. Most of the polybulobulozoles absorbed by the leaves remained in the absorbed part and were rarely transported outward. The photosynthetic efficiency of rice seedling leaves was improved by the low concentration of polyphobulozole. High concentration inhibited photosynthetic efficiency, increased root respiration intensity, decreased above-ground respiration intensity, increased leaf stomatal resistance, and decreased leaf surface transpiration.
The agricultural application value of polybulobuzole lies in its control effect on crop growth. It can delay plant growth, inhibit stem elongation, shorten internode, promote plant tillering, promote flower bud differentiation, increase plant stress resistance and increase yield. This product is suitable for rice, wheat, peanuts, fruit trees, tobacco, rape, soybeans, flowers, lawn and other crops (plants), the use of remarkable effect. 1. Rice seedling height can be controlled by 10% wettable powder 300g/667m2 and water 50L spray in long seedling age, and strong seedling with many tillers and strong root power can be cultivated. After transplanting, at the ear differentiation stage, using 10% wettable powder 180g/667m2 and spraying water 50-60L, the plant type can be improved, dwarfed and lodging can be reduced.
2. Fruit trees apple, pear, peach, cherry tree application effect is remarkable, can be used for soil treatment, paint trunk and leaf spray. Soil treatment is the best. Soil treatment is to use 10% wettable powder 10 ~ 15g per cubic meter of tree crown, similar to the form of circular fertilization ditch, 30cm wide and 20cm deep, with the principle of exposing the roots but not damaging the roots, sprinkle the medicine into the ditch and cover the soil. Water before and after application to maintain soil moisture. Dry with 15% wettable powder 150-300 times liquid. With 15% wettable powder 75-150 times liquid leaf surface spray, used for young trees, can make the crown dwarf, compact, early flowering and fruit; For adult trees, it can inhibit the growth of new shoots, increase yield and improve quality.
3. Spraying 10% wettable powder 500 times liquid on the whole plant of soybean, rape seedling, cotton, flower, wheat soybean at the beginning of flowering can dwarf soybean plant height, promote branching and increase production. Spraying 10% wettable powder 500 ~ 1000 times liquid when 2 leaves 1 heart to 3 leaves 1 heart has the effect of preventing tall seedlings and antifreezing. The application in cotton seedling breeding can prevent the occurrence of tall seedling and freezing damage. Applied to flowers, it can make the plant straight and upright. Good posture. Applied to wheat, it can increase tillering and resist lodging


Post time: Mar-25-2024