Daminozide can delay the senescence of leaf lettuce, inhibit the decay and discoloration of mushrooms, and has less effect on green cauliflower and stone cypress. Daminozide preserves chlorophyll in plants and prolongs the life of some perishable vegetables.

Daminozide is a plant growth retardant, it can be used as dwarfing agent, fruit-setting agent, rooting agent and preservative agent. After treatment, plants can absorb, transport and distribute to various parts of the plant. The initial effect of B9 is to inhibit the synthesis of auxin, inhibit the transport of auxin in plants and the biosynthesis of gibberellin.

Mainly reflected in:

  1. Delay plant vegetative growth, make the leaves thick green, small and thick, the plant compact and strong, the root system developed, increasing the dry weight of the roots to reduce the proportion of crown roots, which is conducive to control excessive growth and flower bud differentiation.
  2. Increase chlorophyll content of crops, delay the senescence of chloroplasts, slow down the growth rate, and have a high photosynthetic net assimilation rate, which is conducive to increasing dry matter accumulation, improving fruit quality, hardness and fruit set rate, and promoting fruit ripening.
  3. Increase the sugar content of plant cells, reduce energy consumption, reduce transpiration, which is beneficial to reduce physiological diseases.
  4. Promote the biosynthesis of anthocyanins, which is beneficial to improve the color of the fruit and prevent the fruit from decolorizing during storage. Daminozide can be quickly decomposed by microorganisms in the soil.


(1) It cannot be mixed with acidic, alkaline or copper-containing agents, nor can it be used with copper containers for pharmaceutical solutions. The liquid should be used with the solution. If the liquid has turned reddish brown, it cannot be used.

(2) Rainfall within 12 hours after spraying will affect the efficacy. It is effective on the plots with good water and fertilizer conditions; on the contrary, it will reduce production. Pay attention to safety protection.

(3) Do not use on crops that will be harvested in the near future, and do not eat agricultural products such as fruits that have just been treated with drugs.

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