news-11. It is a mineral organic fertilizer, which is suitable for all kinds of soil. It mainly acts as a thorn hormone. It can be used alone or combined with chemical fertilizer. It has better effect on the soil with certain fertility

2. It has the effect of drought resistance and waterlogging resistance, and the best temperature is 18 - 38

3. Vegetable and potato crops had the best effect, followed by rice, corn, wheat, millet, cotton, sorghum, while legume and oil crops had less effect

4. Base fertilizer: 2-4kg / mu, mixed with farmyard manure or chemical fertilizer, or directly applied by ditching and digging pits. Paddy field can be applied together with soil preparation and water sliding

5. Topdressing: at seedling stage and before ear pulling, 200-250 kg solution of about 0.2% concentration is used to irrigate near the root system of crops (do not touch the root system). The rice field can be flushed with water, which can play the role of raising seedlings, strengthening ears and promoting growth and development

6. Foliar spraying: about 0.5 kg per mu, the concentration is 0.01% - 0.1%, and the concentration and dosage are determined according to different crop requirements

7. Seed soaking: generally, with the concentration of 0.05% - 0.005%, the thin skinned seeds of vegetables, wheat, rice and corn are soaked for 5-10 hours, and the thick skinned seeds such as cotton and broad beans are soaked for about 24 hours, which can improve the germination rate of seeds and the rooting ability of seedlings

8. Root soaking, cuttings dipping and root dipping: soaking for several hours before transplanting with the concentration of 0.01% - 0.05%, after treatment, the root sprouting is fast, the secondary rooting is increased, the slow seedling stage is shortened, the survival rate is high, the disease resistance and stress resistance effect are achieved

9. Spraying outside the root: from the late flowering stage to the early filling stage, spraying 2-3 times outside the root, about 200 kg each time, with the concentration of 0.01% - 0.05%, can promote the transfer of nutrients from stem and leaf to ear, make the grain full and increase the 1000 grain weight. The best spraying time is 14-18

Post time: Sep-25-2020