Use plant growth regulators can promote or inhibit the growth of peppers, enhance their stress resistance, increase seed setting rate, early harvest, significantly increase yield, improve quality, and increase revenue.

Effects of plant growth regulators on pepper
1. Promote rooting and cultivate strong seedlings 500-1000 times
NAA/IBA: Quickly dip the base of the side branches or lateral vines of pepper (the main branch can also be used) in NAA or IBA liquid. It will root in 10-15 days.
Sodium nitrophenolate: Foliar spraying with 4-6ppm solution at the seedling stage can promote the vegetative growth of peppers and cultivate strong seedlings.
Gibberellin: When pepper seeds germinate, use 50-100ppm of gibberellin liquid for treatment, which can break dormancy and promote germination.

2.Control vigorous growth
Chlormequat chloride: When the seedlings grow too fast or emaciated, spray with 20-25ppm liquid at initial flowering stage, it can prevent peppers from excessive growth and make plant dwarf and strong.
Paclobutrazol: Use 100ppm Paclobutrazol solution to soak the roots for 15 minutes before transplanting. The treated plants have broad leaves, developed roots, thick stalks during the growth period, and their disease resistance and lodging resistance are significantly enhanced.

3.Prevent flowers and fruit falling
NAA: spray flowers with 50 ppm NAA liquid during the flowering period, 7-10 days once for a total of 4-5 times, which can significantly improve the fruit setting rate, increase the number and weight of the fruit, but it cannot be used in seed field, because NAA has a certain effect on the growth of pepper seeds
2,4-D: It can effectively prevent flower falling, increase fruit setting rate, promote fruit growth, early maturity, and increased yield. When spraying flowers, be careful not to spray on plant tender shoots, young leaves, and growth points to prevent phytotoxicity.
Gibberellin: Spraying 1-2 times of 30-50ppm GA3 liquid during the flowering period can promote fruit setting.

4.Promote early maturity, improve yield
Ethephon: Spraying the fruit with 250-500ppm solution can promote fruit ripening. Please don’t use ethephon too early to ripen the green fruit , which will seriously affect the quality of the pepper.
DA-6: Spraying with 10-15ppm liquid 2-3 times during the growth period of pepper, with an interval of 10 days, it can significantly increase production and harvest earlier.
Brassinolide: It can promote the growth of seedlings, improve the quality of seedlings, and accelerate early blossom and born fruit , increase the number of fruits per plant and the weight of single fruit.配图 Emily 1.25

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