Its mechanism of action is to block the chloride metabolism controlled by γ -aminobutyric acid.Therefore, it has high insecticidal activity against aphids, leafhoppers, planthoppers, lepidoptera larvae, flies and coleoptera and other important pests, and has no pesticide harm to crops. The agent can be applied to soil or leaf spray. Applied to soil, it can effectively control maize root and leaf beetle, needle insect and ground tiger. When spraying on the leaves, it had high control effect on plutella xylostella, Cabbage pieris and rice thrips, and the effect lasted for a long time. 

Compared with traditional insecticides (organophosphorus, pyrethroids, carbamate), the drug has the advantages of broad spectrum and high efficiency, and has been widely used in many agricultural fields. It is a common insecticide for pest control.
Fipronil has also been widely used as a sanitary insecticide in recent years. Mainly used to prevent cockroaches, ants and other harmful organisms. Animal health is mainly used to kill fleas and lice parasites on cats and dogs. 

Mian formulated product: 80%wdg, 80%wp, 250g/l sc, 200g/l sc, 100 g/l sc, 50 g/l sc.

25~50g active ingredient/ha leaf spray can effectively control potato leaf beetle, plutella xylostella, Plutella xylostella, Mexican boll weevil and flower thrips. Using 50~100g active ingredient/ha in paddy field can control borers, brown planthopper and other pests well. 6~15g effective ingredient/ha foliar spray, can control locust and desert locust pests in grassland. 100~150g effective ingredient/ha applied to soil can effectively control maize root and leaf beetle, needle worm and digester. Treating corn seeds with 250~650g active ingredient / 100kg seed can effectively control corn golden needle and ground tiger.

There is no cross-resistance with existing insecticides, but it is effective and suitable for rice, corn, cotton, banana, sugar beet, potato, peanut and other resistant or sensitive pests.

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Post time: Sep-30-2021