Gibberellic acid is a broad spectrum plant growth regulator. It can promote the growth and development of crops, break the dormancy of seeds, tubers, bulbs and so on;


1, Promoting the growth of stem elongation

The most significant physiological effect is to promote the growth of plants, which is mainly to promote cell elongation.


2, Inducing flowering

The differentiation of flower buds of some higher plants is influenced by the length of sunlight and temperature. For example, the biennial plants need a certain number of days of low temperature treatment to flowering, otherwise exhibit rosette growth rather than bolting. If these plants use GA without vernalization, not by low temperature process can also induce flowering, and the effect is obvious. In addition, some long day plants could be replaced by long day, but GA had no effect on flower bud differentiation of short day plants.


3, Breaking dormancy

GA3 can replace the light and low temperature to break dormancy, because it can induce the synthesis of alpha amylase, protease and other enzymes, catalytic degradation of storage in seed material for embryo. Growth needed.


4, Promoting the differentiation of male flower

For monoecious plants after treatment with GA3, the increase in the proportion of male to female. 

purple red grapes with green leaves

Post time: Feb-25-2022