1. Seed soaking
Soaking seeds after dissolving humic acid in water can obviously increase the germination rate of seeds, early emergence, and enhance the rooting ability of seedlings. Pay attention to the concentration when soaking seeds. The general concentration is 0.005% -0.05%, and the soaking time is generally 5-10 hours. , And the harder shell is generally 24 hours, such as rice and cotton.

How to use humic acid fertilizer

2.Dip root
Rice and sweet potato were soaked and dipped with a solution of sodium humate or potassium humate at a concentration of 0.01% -0.05% before transplanting, and showed fast rooting and high survival rate after transplanting.
3.Extra root spraying
Spraying humic acid fertilizer as foliar fertilizer, spraying 2-3 times during the flowering period of the crop can obviously improve the fruit setting rate and yield, the general concentration is 0.01% -0.05%, and the spraying time is best to choose 2-4 pm.
4. Use of base fertilizer
The use of solid humic acid fertilizer as a base fertilizer has a better effect than topdressing. It can balance soil pH and easily be absorbed by the root system. Generally, it is even more effective to apply 100-150 per acre. If the solution is used as a base fertilizer, the concentration is preferably 0.05% -0.1%. It can be mixed with farm manure and applied in both furrow and acupoint applications.
5. Topdressing
You can spray about 250 liters of humic acid solution at a concentration of 0.01% -0.1% per acre before the seedling stage and heading of the crop, or directly irrigate near the root system.

Post time: Jan-22-2021