Fulvic acid are classified as mineral fulvic acid and Bio-chemical fulvic acid. Mineral fulvic adcid was extracted from leonardite,lignite, peat and oil shale which is not only soluble in

dilute alkali solution, but also solube in acid and water. As for the bio-chemical fulvic acid, it is humus substanced transformed by artifical process based non-mineral by-product of

industrial and agriculture.It is soluble in dilute alkali solution as well as acid and water.

The following liquid fulvic acid is only meant to Leonardite fulvic acid.

1.Main performance of Liquid Acid

Liquid fulvic acid is a kind of non-uniform macromolecular aromatic potassium carboxylate liquid. It is alkaline and can exist stably in the environment of PH>3. Liquid fulvic acid solves the problem

that humic acid products (except fulvic acid) are insoluble under acidic conditions and flocculate easily in hard water. Therefore, liquid fulvic acid has good compatibility and is suitable for the production

of various water-soluble humic acid products.Liquid fulvic acid contains a large amount of fulvic acid, which is a natural plant growth regulator.

2. Specifications of Liquid Acid


 3. Benefits

(1) Loosen the soil, improve soil structure

(2) Boost root development

(3) Increase yeild and quality of crops

(4) Improve water holding capacity

4.Use、usage and dosage

It can be used as drip irrigation fertilizer, flushing fertilizer, foliar fertilizer or pesticide additives&accelerant. It can be compounded with various macro-element fertilizers to become multifunctional and efficient compound fertilizer, high-efficiency urea and high-efficiency phosphate fertilizer. It can improve their utilization rate when combined with acidic macro-element fertilizers and insecticides.

(1) Recommended dosage:

     Urea: 12-20kg/1mts Urea

     Compound fertilizer:15-25kg/1 mts Compound fertilizer, dilute 500-1000 times

(2) Folair fertilizer:

     750g-1500g per Hectare,spraying uniformity     

     Use alone or As a synergist, mixed with marcoelement chemical fertilizers,pesticide,

     Insecticide,herbicide etc.

(3) Drip irrigation:

     45-75kg per hectare,it can boost root development, stimulate plant growth, resist lodging,

     improve yield and quality of crops


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