Amino Humic Shiny Balls

Amino humic acid is a natural enhancing stimulant of plants to fight against stress conditions, and it has a good effect on increasing soil fertility and improving yield and quality. Made with corn, wheat, soybeans, etc. as raw materials, using advanced spray granulation technology It combines the nutrients of mineral and organic fertilizers, as well as amino acids and trace elements that have special effects on plants. It can not only promote the growth and yield of crops, but also reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases, activate soil fertility, and improve the quality of agricultural products.

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Bio Organic Shiny Granular Fertilizer, Organic Fertilizer Shiny Ball

Have many Benefits,Pls check as below.

1. The amino acid can make the crop grow strongly and enhance the crop having characters for drought resistance, cold resistance, lodging resistance, repeated_ planting resistance, and salt and alkali resistance.in addition, the amino acid fertilizer makes the vegetable and fruit's appearance fresh, good looking, and delicious tasting, it also improves the quantity, value, and competitive strength.

2. The organic matter can improve effectively soil, break hardened, enhance the character of water and fertilizer remaining, improve soil quantity, and increase production.

3. The humic acid can retain water to preserve soil moisture, decrease the content of P and K in the soil, enhance growth for crop's root system, blockade plant disease, and prevent blast disease and foot rot.

4. The nutrient of N.P.K and trace elements can enhance crop growth healthily, improve production, prevent effectively and decrease physiology plant diseases, decrease pesticide use.

The compound of organic and inorganic can advance the utilization rate of fertilizer, decrease production costs, and improve income.

The fertilizer has a stable function and can reduce environmental pollution.

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Post time: Aug-31-2021