Seaweed extract is a marine plant seaweed as the main raw material, bio-fertilizer made by the scientific process, the main ingredient is extracted from seaweed conducive to plant growth and development of natural bioactive substances and seaweed from the ocean to absorb and concentrate in the body mineral nutrients, including seaweed polysaccharides, poly-phenolic compound, mannitol, betaine, plant growth regulators and nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and iron , boron, molybdenum, iodine and other trace elements.Seaweed extract is the highest-end organic water soluble fertilizer. It is the super concentrated kind of seaweed. The seaweed acid content is over 4times of normal liquid seaweed water fertilizer.

◆Increasing soil organic matter, improving soil structure.
◆Seaweed extract enhancing abilities of preserving moisture.
◆Seaweed extract improve nutrient environment for crops, and the effectiveness of fertilizer.
◆It can also improve the growth of crops in each stage.
◆Supply organic nitrogen, increase soil fertility
◆Promotes cell elongation and tissue differentiation
◆Speed up the enzyme metabolism and lignin formation
◆Carbohydrate transport and protein metabolism
◆Promotes root growth and development
◆Promotes pollen germination and pollen tube growth
◆Accelerates flower bud differentiation, Promotes to keep good shape, bright and colorful peel, high sugar content
◆Improves the ability of plants to fight against frost, cold, submersion and drought
Spraying: dilute it with water for 1500-200 times.Dosage:1-1.5kg/ha.
The crops with one picking:spray 3-4 times in whole growing period.
The crops with several picking:spray after each picking.
Drip irrigation: dilute it with water for 1500-2000 times.Dosage:1.5-3kg/ha.
Apply 3-4ntimes in whole growing period.

Refined Potassium Humate (2)

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