Seaweed fertilizer refers to using large algae growing in the ocean as raw materials. Through chemical, physical or biological methods, the active ingredients in the seaweed are extracted to make fertilizer and applied to plants as nutrients. It can promote plant growth and improve Yield and improve the quality of agricultural products.

Characteristics of seaweed fertilizer

Excellent seaweed fertilizer uses advanced technology to break the cell wall of seaweed, release its contents, and concentrate to form seaweed essence, thereby retaining the rich minerals and trace elements in the seaweed, and also containing a certain amount of polyphenolic compounds, seaweed Polysaccharides and a large number of growth regulatory factors, such as cytokinins, auxins, cytokinin-like factors, cytokinins, abscisic acid, gibberellins, ethylene, betaine, polyamines, trans-N6-isopentene gland Purine and its derivatives, aminocyclopropanecarboxylic acid, ethylene precursors, indoleacetic acid, indole compounds, etc., greatly retain the pure natural active ingredients, and also contain large amounts of potassium (K), calcium (Ca), and magnesium. (Mg), iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), iodine (I) and other dozens of minerals and rich vitamins, integrating nutrients, antibiotics and pure natural hormones.

Rich in a variety of purely natural growth-like substances. Such as auxins, erythritols, cell division-like substances, polyphenolic compounds and antibiotics, which have high biological activity and can stimulate the production of non-specific active factors in plants, regulate the balance of endogenous hormones, and promote photosynthesis of plants. It can make crops grow and develop in a coordinated manner, improve their vitality and resistance to diseases, insects, drought, waterlogging, low temperature and other adversities.

Compared with chemical fertilizers, it has incomparable advantages in terms of production increase, stress resistance, naturalness and non-toxic side effects. Compared with conventional leaf fertilizers, in addition to significantly promoting crop growth, root development, improving photosynthesis, and strengthening plants, pure natural seaweed extract is also rich in protein, amino acids, carbohydrates, inorganic salts, vitamins, plant hormones, and polyphenols. , polysaccharides and other biologically active substances, which can greatly improve crop quality, enhance disease resistance, cold resistance, and drought resistance, promote early ripening of fruits, and increase economic value.

Enhance the water absorption, water retention, drought resistance and cold resistance capabilities of plants. It can be compounded with chemical fertilizers to form organic and inorganic compound fertilizers to enhance fertilizer efficiency, improve soil structure, increase soil ventilation and water retention capabilities, and prevent soil deterioration. The mannitol contained in it can greatly increase the water absorption and water retention capacity and chlorophyll content of crops, and increase the leaf area by more than 10%; the abscisic acid regulates the closure of leaf stomata, reduces crop water loss, and can reduce the amount of fertilizer and water by about one-third.

It forms a complex with pesticides through physical and chemical effects, and is a good pesticide dilution synergist. This product is suitable for vegetables, fruits, flowers, tea, tobacco, grain, oil, horticulture and other crops. Due to the presence of polysaccharides in seaweed fertilizer, it has strong adhesion when mixed with most pesticides (except strongly alkaline pesticides), which can significantly improve the efficacy and extend the efficacy period.


Production method of seaweed fertilizer

Generally, it can be divided into chemical hydrolysis method (i.e. potassium hydroxide hydrolysis method), physical extraction method, biological fermentation method (i.e. enzyme degradation method), etc. There are also biologically active substances extracted from waste from the seaweed industry and then scientifically formulated. into fertilizer.

The extraction method has a great impact on the active substance and nutrient content of the product. Even if the nutrient content is the same, the active substance content may be very different. If the active ingredients of seaweed can maintain their original state to the maximum extent, the use effect will be the best. Currently, the best way to produce seaweed organic fertilizer is cold cell rupture technology. This technology can maintain the activity of active ingredients of seaweed to the maximum extent, followed by biological The degradation method can well preserve the activity of active substances, while the chemical hydrolysis method is poor.

At present, most manufacturers at home and abroad mainly use chemical hydrolysis method to produce seaweed fertilizer. The biggest disadvantage of chemical hydrolysis method is that strong alkali and high temperature destroy the activity of endogenous substances in seaweed. There are many such products, such as cheap ones produced by small domestic manufacturers. Seaweed fertilizer.

   The principle of biological fermentation is to use a variety of enzymes produced by microorganisms during the metabolic process of using seaweed as nutrients to degrade the macromolecular substances that make up seaweed into small molecules and water-soluble substances, because there is no chemical method in the fermentation process. Strong alkali and high temperature can well preserve the activity of the active ingredients in seaweed. Some seaweed fertilizers imported from Ireland, Norway, etc. are produced using this method.

   The physical extraction method uses a differential pressure cold cell blasting process to achieve the purpose of crushing the seaweed cell wall. It can preserve the activity of the active ingredients in the seaweed cell fluid and maximize the effectiveness of the seaweed fertilizer. The entire production process does not add any additives. Any foreign material. The seaweed fertilizer produced by this method is of excellent quality.

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