6Benzyladenine (6-BA) CAS No. 1214-39-7
H.S Code : 29420000
Molecular Weight:225.25
Molecular: C12H11N5
Appearance: White cystal powder
Purity: 99% min.
Melting Point: 230-233 ºC
Residue on Ignition: 0.5% max.
Loss on Dring: 0.5% max.

Cytokinins can be absorbed through germinating seeds, roots, shoots, and leaves, and have little mobility in the body. Cytokinins have a variety of physiological effects, the Function and Characteristics:
1.Promote cell division;
2.Promote the differentiation of non-differentiated tissues;
3.Promote cell growth and growth;
4.Promote seed germination;
5.Inducing sleep bud growth;
6.inhibit or promote the growth of stems and leaves;
7.inhibit or promote root growth;
8.inhibit the aging of leaves;
9.Break the top advantage and promote side buds;
10.Promote flower bud formation and flowering;
11.Inducing female traits;
12.Promote fruit set;
13.Promote fruit growth;
14.Inducing tuber formation;
15.Material transportation and accumulation;
16.inhibit or promote breathing;
17.Promote evaporation and open pores;
18.Improve the ability to resist damage;
19.inhibit the decomposition of chlorophyll;
20. Promoting or inhibiting the activity of an enzyme;

Single use: when used to improve bud and flower differentiation or deal with seeds,foliage spray, the dosage is 10mg/L.
Compound with other regulators: 6 bap plant hormone 6 ba compound with Gibberellin can improve fruit bearing.

PGR Agrochemical plant growth regulator 6-benzylaminopurine 6-BA 99% TC application to improve photosynthesis and increase production.
For soybeans : Foliar spraying with 200mg/L benzylaminopurine liquid at the beginning of flowering is conducive to the accumulation of photosynthetic products in the leaves and the increase in yield. At the same time, increase the protein content in soybean grains, affect the content of fatty acids in the grains, and improve the quality of soybeans.

The specific usage to different crops:
6BA to promote the germination of seeds and improve the resistance of seedlings.

For Potato : Soak the tubers with 10-20mg/L 6-BA for 6-12h to achieve the effect of rapid emergence and strong seedlings.

For Cotton: Soaking seeds with 1.5-2mg/L 6-BA for 6-7h can promote the germination of aging cotton seeds to a certain extent, and at the same time, it can protect the cell membrane system to varying degrees.

For wheat : Spraying with 10-30mg/L benzylaminopurine during the filling period can improve wheat photosynthesis, promote dry matter accumulation and its distribution to the grain, and can slow down the adverse effects of waterlogging on yield formation, promote stable production and increase production.

About the Agrochemical plant growth regulator 6-Benzylaminopurine Application/Usage and Function:
6-Benzylaminopurine has various effects such as inhibiting the decomposition of chlorophyll, nucleic acid and protein in plant leaves, keeping green and anti-aging; transferring amino acids, auxins, inorganic salts to the treated parts. It is widely used in agriculture, fruit trees and horticultural crops from germination to harvest. In tissue culture work, cytokinin is an indispensable additional hormone in the differentiation medium. Cytokinin 6-BA can also be used on fruit trees and vegetables, its main function is to promote cell expansion, increase fruit setting rate, and delay leaf senescence. Cytokinins can make cells division in stem tips, root tips, immature seeds, germinated seeds, and growing fruits.

6-Benzylaminopurine can promote the growth of plant cells, inhibit the degradation of plant chlorophyll, increase the content of amino acids, delay leaf senescence, induce the differentiation of buds, promote the growth of lateral buds, and promote cell division. It can also reduce the decomposition of chlorophyll in plants, and has the effects of inhibiting senescence and keeping green.

Because the highly efficient, stable, cheap and easy to use, 6-Benzylaminopurine is widely used and is the favorite cytokinin of tissue culturers. The main role of 6BA is to promote the formation of buds and induce callus formation. It can be used to improve the quality and output of tea and tobacco; the preservation of vegetables and fruits and the cultivation of rootless bean sprouts. It can significantly improve the quality of fruits and leaves.

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The Usage and Dosage of 6-BA Used on Different Crops
Crops Dosage(mg/L) Method of use Efffects
Rice 10 Foliage spray rice seedlings Increase survival rate
Watermelon, muskmelon, pumpkin etc 100 Smear fruit stem before or when flower Improve fruit bearing
Cucumber 10-15 Seedling soaking 24h before transplant Increase female flowers
Lychee 100 Soaking 1-3min after picked Prolong storage time
Wheat 20-30 Seed soaking 24h Increase germination rate
Potato, gladiolus 10-20 Stem tuber soaking 6-12h Seedling come out fast and growth better
Cotton 20 Seed soaking 24-48h Seedling come out fast and growth better
Corn 10-20 Spray early female flowers Increase setting rate
Grape, tomato 100 Spray or soak catkin when flowering Increase fruit bearing

6BA plant growth regulator PGR plant growth hormone 6BA

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