The effect on soil

Seaweed extract is a natural soil conditioner, which can directly supplement nutrients missing in the soil, activate beneficial microorganisms and have a strong inhibitory effect on harmful bacteria.

The seaweed polysaccharide rich in algal extract can promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, improve the pore space inside the soil, increase soil permeability, coordinate the proportion of fertilizer, water, air and temperature in the soil, and restore the balance of natural glia lost due to soil overburden and pollution.

It can effectively adjust the damage of soil acidification, salinization and harden, and provide a favorable environment for crop growth from the root environment. It is a Marine functional fertilizer with dual effects of inhibiting soil-borne bacteria disease.

The effect on crops

It can increase the number of flower buds and fruit setting rate;The smell of organic iodine in seaweed can make insects avoid instinctively, prevent and alleviate fungal epidemics, so it can reduce diseases and insect pests to a certain extent; It naturally can make crops produce antiviral effects.

The natural auxin in seaweed can promote the seed germination and plant growth of crops and improve the survival rate of transplanting; Improve crop resistance and disease resistance.

It has function on increasing yield, regulating plant growth and development, and improving crop quality.

The effect on fertilizer

Nitrogen fertilizer makes plants grow luxuriant and leaves strong. The interaction between urea and seaweed extract can delay the release and transformation process of urea in soil, and make nitrogen fertilizer have long-term properties.

Phosphate fertilizer is an important fertilizer for improving crop yield, resistance and grain plumpness. Seaweed essence of organic composition can not only combine with the soil of calcium, magnesium, zinc and other trace elements, but also has the absorbing water swelling. Which help phosphate be incorporated into many small particles, the speed of water soluble phosphate will be 5 to 20 times higher than conventional phosphate fertilizer. In this way, it enhance the crops absorption of phosphorus,highly increase efficiency of the fertilizer.

The mixed use of Seaweed essence and pesticides/ fungicide can reduce the cost of spraying, has synergistic effect on pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

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Post time: Mar-01-2022