The application of amino acids in crops has been a common practice in recent years, although most of the time they are associated with products based on algae extracts or on fermented animal or vegetable wastes. However, little is known about the isolated effect of amino acids on the development of crops.

Nitrogen is an essential element for the development of plants and can be found in the soil in large quantities and in different chemical forms, such as inorganic ions as nitrate (NO3-) and ammonium (NH4+), or also complexed in organic molecules as proteins and amino acids.

The uptake of amino acids by plants is more advantageous energetically, when compared to the absorption of NO3-; NH4+ or biological fixation, because the plant does not need energy to assimilate the absorbed nitrogen and later incorporate it into amino acids.

Amino acids can promote photosynthesis and the production of chlorophyll. It can increase the activity of enzymes, promote the penetration of carbon dioxide in plants and the production of VC and carbohydrates.

Besides it can alos improve the immunity of crops, promote the growth of crops. After spraying amino acids on the leaves, the crop stalks are strong and can resist lodging. The amino acid could increase the thousand-grain weight, spike-grain weight, and increase the quality and taste of agricultural products.

The foliar spray can increases the yield by 10%-50%, while the seed dressing and base application can increase the yield by 10%-15%.

When Amino acid is used as foliar spray, it should be dulited 300 -600 times. The foliar spray is sprayed during the closing and booting period of grain crops, fruits are sprayed during the fruit expansion period, and vegetables are sprayed during the blooming and fruiting period.

Leafy greens are sprayed on the leaves after transplantation.

Amino acids can improve the stress resistance of crops, especially when applied to agricultural production in drought, rain, and water shortage areas, which have a significant yield increase effect.

The application of amino acids to fields damaged by drought, freezing damage and pests can restore crop growth, supplement the nutrients required for crop growth, regulate crop growth, and minimize disaster losses.

Plant growth also needs amino acids!The nutrients contained in agricultural amino acid fertilizers can be quickly absorbed by various organs of crops, and can also promote early maturity of crops and shorten their growth cycle.


Post time: Nov-30-2021