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Potassium humate serves as a powerful ally in sustainable agriculture and gardening. Its ability to enhance soil structure, improve nutrient uptake, and boost overall plant health makes it an invaluable tool in organic farming. By integrating potassium humate into our cultivation practices, we not only nurture the health of our soil but also contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to food production. Embracing nature’s secret weapon, we unleash the transformative power of potassium humate and pave the way toward a healthier, greener future.

  • type: Compound fertilizer
  • size: 3-5mm
  • color: white blue gray
  • HS: 31059000
  • Element: npk
  • Element: 100% soluble in water
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    Powder 1
    Powder 2
    Powder 3
    Granular 1
    Granular 2
    Organic Matter(dry basis)
    80.0% min.
    85.0% min.
    85.0% min.
    75.0% min.
    85.0% min.
    Total Humic Acid(dry basis)
    65.0% min.
    70.0% min.
    70.0% min.
    60.0% min.
    65.0% min.
    15.0% max.
    18.0% max.
    28.0% max.
    15.0% max.
    15.0% max.

    Products Description

    For Soil
    * Prevent fertilizer run off, keep affect of fertilizer.
    * Modulate environment of microorganisms.
    * Improve water holding capacity and aeration.
    * Increase soil aggregate structure.
    * Boost effect of phosphoric acid.
    * Prevent soil acidification.
    * Reduce salinity of soil.
    * Adjust soil pH value.

    For plant
    * Enhance resilience of fighting cold, drought, insect and lodging.
    * Improve tensility of root, make plant absorb better.
    * Enhance crop physiological activity.

    Packing & Delivery
    Packing and Delivery

    Packing is 25kg/1000kg PP. Woven bag or accept OEM packing. Different packaging, different volume. Powder fertilizer is packed in bags, and liquid fertilizer is packed in bags. Our company cooperates with logistics companies such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS, etc., and will deliver the goods as soon as possible. For large products, we will send you by sea. For small products, they are shipped to you by FEDEX or others.

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