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Abamectin: a powerful insecticide, effective in controlling pests

In agriculture and pest control, avermectin is a highly effective insecticide that has revolutionized pest control methods. With its superior performance, it has become the solution of choice for farmers and professionals alike. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the wonders of Abamectin, how to use it, and the importance of responsible use.

Abamectin is derived from soil bacteria and is a member of the avermectin family of natural products. It exhibits high efficacy against a variety of pests, including mites, worms, and insects. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to target the nervous systems of these organisms, ultimately causing their death. Unlike many traditional pesticides, avermectin is less toxic to mammals and is safer for humans and animals when used responsibly.

One of the great advantages of abamectin is its versatility of application. It is available in a variety of formulations such as emulsifiable concentrates, wettable powders and granules, giving users the flexibility to choose the option that best suits their specific needs. In addition, avermectin can be applied via foliar sprays, seed treatments or even root irrigation, ensuring effective protective coverage across different crops and environments.

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Factory sell  Abamectin 95%TC

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1.Our factory is one of most famous in China, so quality is the best. 

2.Abamectin is one of the widely used insecticide with low toxicity and high activity.

3.It applies easily, has good effects to nematode worms, insects and mites.

4.We have our own packing factory, Packing bags, drums, cartons, and bottles can be customized as your special requirment

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What are the details of Abamectin?

Abamectin is a new antibiotic for livestock and agriculture. a mixture of avermectins containing more than 80% avermectin B1a and less than 20% avermectin B1b. B1a and B1b have very similar biological and toxicological properties. it interferes the physiological activities of insect nerved,inhibit the nerve to muscle communication and lead paralyzing to death.

Factory Supply Abamectin For Livestock And Agriculture

China Manufacturer Abamectin Miticide For Livestock And Agriculture

Product detail

State White Crystal Powder
Purity 95%TC
Density 1.16g/cm3
Solubility 10g/L in water, 350g/L in methylbenzene
Flash Point(℃) 150℃
Melting point(℃) 150-155℃
Loss on Drying <2%
pH 4.5~7.5
Shelf life 2~3 years
Heavy Metal %0.001 max
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Factory Supply Abamectin For Livestock And Agriculture

Factory Supply Abamectin For Livestock And Agriculture



Abamectin is a  broad spectrum as pesticide,nematicide and acaricide  controlling

many kinds of phytophagous mites,psylla,flies, lepidoptera,and ets. Used to control  insect and mite pests of a range of agronomic, fruit, vegetable and ornamentalcrops, and ets.



Factory Supply Abamectin For Livestock And Agriculture

Factory Supply Abamectin For Livestock And Agriculture




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Factory Supply Abamectin For Livestock And Agriculture


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All our products are passed the inspection standards included SGS,EN71,ASTM with 100% quality.

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Factory Supply Abamectin For Livestock And Agriculture


What is the MOQ ?

Our MOQ is 500g. But usually we accept less quantity such as 100g on the condition that sample charge is 100% paid.

Can you painting our logo?

Sure!the parts also could print customer logo.

Can i get some samples?

Yes, we can supply the free sample, but the shipping cost be paid by our customers.

How does your factory carry out quality control?

Quality is our priority. Our QC always attach great importance to quality control from the very beginning to the end of the production.

Is there a discount?

Different quantity has different discount.

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