Avermectins, the Chinese name of Avermectins, is a 16-membered macrolide compound with insecticidal, acaricidal and nematicidal activities first developed by Satoshi Omura of Kitasato University in Japan and Merck of the United States. It is produced by Streptomyces Produced by fermentation of Streptomyces avermitilis. Natural abamectin contains 8 components, mainly 4 of which are A1a, A2a, B1a and B2a, with a total content of ≥80%; the corresponding 4 homologues with smaller proportions are A1b, A2b, B1b and B2b , its total content is ≤20%.In my country, strain 7051, developed by the Shanghai Pesticide Research Institute in the late 1980s, was isolated and screened from soil in Jieyang, Guangdong. Later identification proved that this strain is similar to S. avermitilis Ma-8460 and has the same chemical structure as avermectin. In 1993, Beijing Agricultural University New Technology Development Corporation was established to research and produce this drug. Avermectin is a new type of antibiotic with novel structure and dual-use for agriculture and livestock. With the improvement of people’s living standards and the call for green food, biopesticides are highly favored in the current pesticide market. Authoritative experts predict that the 21st century will be the century of biopesticides. It is reported that European biopesticides sales will rise from US$100 million in 1997 to US$169 million in 2004. Avermectins are the most popular and fiercely competitive new products in the current biopesticide market. Currently commercially available Avermectin pesticides use abamectin as the main insecticidal ingredient (Avermectin B1a+B1b, where B1a is not less than 90% and B1b is not more than 5%), and is calibrated by the content of B1a. Since abamectin entered the Chinese pesticide market in 1991, Avermectis pesticides have occupied an important position in my country’s pest control system.Avermectins is currently produced by more than 10 technical companies in my country, and nearly 300 companies have obtained official pesticide registration. The latest formula of a Japanese new agricultural company introduced by Fujian Japan-Hong Kong Trade in China has the best insecticidal effect on the market, and it has now become one of the most popular wholesalers of plant pesticides in the country. The Avermectins series of pesticides currently on the market include avermectin ointment, avermectin powder, ivermectin powder and methylamino-avermectin benzoate powder.Since 2007, the massive promotion of avermectin on rice has brought unlimited potential to avermectin products. Avi’s excellent performance in controlling rice borers and rice verticalization has made it the new favorite alternative to highly toxic pesticides. At the same time, the resistance of pests has improved, the dosage of Avitamin has continued to increase, and various manufacturers have lowered prices and suppressed the market. In 2008, the amount of Avitamin has increased sharply. Whichever manufacturer buys Avitamin can buy more. Lots of goods. In 2009, rice pests were relatively mild, and manufacturers had large inventories. Avi’s inventory has become a hidden danger for everyone. In 2010, Avi’s sales were in confusion, not knowing whether to continue to lower prices or find other ways. In 2011, foreign products were packaged and promoted, and the high-end market in the rice area has basically been occupied by foreign products.
Abamectin is a highly efficient, broad-spectrum antibiotic insecticide and acaricide. Abamectin is contact-toxic, stomach-toxic, and has strong penetrating power. It is a macrolide disaccharide compound. Abamectin is a natural product isolated from soil microorganisms. It has contact and stomach poisoning effects on insects and mites, and has a weak fumigation effect without systemic effects. However, avermectin has a strong penetrating effect on leaves, can kill pests under the epidermis, and has a long residual effect. It does not kill eggs. Its mechanism of action is different from that of general pesticides in that it interferes with neurophysiological activities and stimulates the release of r-aminobutyric acid. R-aminobutyric acid has an inhibitory effect on the nerve conduction of arthropods, and mites, nymphs and insects interact with it. The larvae appear paralyzed after contact with the agent, become inactive and do not feed, and die after 2-4 days. Abamectin has a slower lethal effect because it does not cause rapid dehydration of insects. Although it has a direct killing effect on predatory and parasitic natural enemies, it does little damage to beneficial insects because there are few residues on the plant surface. It has obvious effect on root-knot nematodes.




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