Strawberry is a kind of fruit that is loved by many people. It is sweet and delicious and rich in nutrition. How to manage the strawberry swelling period to quickly swell the fruit and how to manage the coloring period to make the color beautiful are the most concerned issues. Today we will introduce the management method.

Reasonable temperature control

The most suitable temperature for strawberry growth and development is about 20 degrees. After the strawberry enters the fruit expansion period, we must control the temperature in the greenhouse. At this time, the temperature should not only pay attention to the strawberry fruit expansion, but also pay attention to meeting the needs of flower bud differentiation. Temperature and light have the greatest influence on the expansion of strawberry fruit.

Water and fertilizer management

Strawberry expansion period is very important for water requirements, so we need control the amount of watering. In the latter part of the fruit expansion period, strawberries grow very fast and require sufficient and rich nutrients. Therefore, topdressing should be done in time. The fertilizer should be mainly use high-nitrogen fertilizer and potassium fertilizer, add phosphate fertilizer appropriately, mixed topdressing.


Control excessive growth

When the strawberry grows vigorously, the branches and leaves will contend nutrients with the fruits, which will cause the fruit expand slowly and color unevenly. There are 3 methods to control the excessive growth of plants, one is control the fertilizer and water; the other is reduce the temperature of the greenhouse at night to increase the temperature difference between day and night; the third is spray amino acid foliar fertilizer or trace elements such as potassium dihydrogen phosphate to inhibit the growth of strawberry and enhance resistance.

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Reasonable fruits thinning

The fruit quality should be ensured during the expansion period, and the fruit should not be kept too much, otherwise it will affect the size and quality of the strawberry. Also new stems are still grow, and these new stems must be remove timely to prevent the side buds from snatching the nutrients needed for fruit expansion and ensure the normal expansion of strawberry fruit.

Strawberry coloring

First of all, it is necessary to adjust the temperature and improve the light conditions in the greenhouse. The leaves that affect the coloring should be removed in time, which can increase the coloring. The strawberry can be turned over three days after the strawberry color period, so that the side that was close to the ground can also be exposed to sunlight.

Post time: Sep-14-2021