Potassium Fulvate is classified as Leonardite Potassium Fulvate and Biochemical Potassim Fulvate, due to different resources.

Leonardite Potassium Fulvate is a new kind of natural mineral activity of potash, belongs to the green, high efficiency and energy saving fertilizer, foamed microporous particles, including drug ingredients, has the characteristics of the instant available.

Biochemical Potassium Fulvate application of modern biotechnology to plant slag as raw material, the biological fermentation, the successful preparation of coal-like fulvic acid material. It can fully soluble in water, acid and alkali, with a variety of trace elements and a large number of elements co-soluble, not flocculation.

The main difference:


The color of leonardite Potassium Fulvate is black, while the color of Biochemical Potassium Fulvate is yellow-brown.



Biochemical Potassium Fulvate


leonardite Potassium Fulvate



The composition of Leonardite Potassium Fulvate is relativley stable, mainly including fatty acid, phenolic acid and benzene polycarboxylic acid.

Biochemical Potassium Fulvate contains protein, nucleotides, alcohols, fatty esters, phenolic acids, sugars, tannins, cellulose, and various hormones,which is unstable due to the fermentation time and materials.


Leonardite Potassium Fulvate acid has no taste, while Biochemical Potassium Fulvate acid has a sour or sweet taste.


Leonardite Potassium Fulvate does not absorb moisture, while Biochemical Potassium Fulvate has a strong moistrue absorption, one metric ton can absorb 25kgs water. When used as fertilizerLeonardite Potassium Humate only need one-tenth of Biochemical Potassium Fulvate.


Fulvic acid has a widely use in agriculture,it has many advantages to the plants and the soil.

1.Improve soil structure, boost fertilizer utilization

Fulvic acid is the best activated humic acid , it can supply organic matters to the soil, promote the formulation of Soil aggregate structuure which can keep water and fertilizers. It aslo can adjust PH value, reduce soil heavy metal content, reduce salt ions on seed and seedling hazards.

2.Potassium Fulvate can activate the soil, promote a variety of fruits and vegetables and field crops physiological metabolism, promote root system developed, stems and leaves lush.

3.Strengthen the plant root adhesion and rapid absorption capacity, especially due to the lack of trace elements caused by physiological diesease have a significant effect.

Post time: Sep-29-2021