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Description White powder
PH 5.0~9.0
Dry loss (%) ≤1
Cis-trans isomer scale (α/β) ≤0.30
Content of Active Ingredient (Bromadiolone)(%) ≥97

Bromadiolone is an effective rodenticide with good palatability, large toxicity and wide target spectrum. Anticoagulant is slow, not easy to cause alarm in mice, easy to destroy the characteristics of the damage to mice, but also has the outstanding advantages of acute toxicity, single dose of use can effectively control all kinds of mice, at the same time, it can also effectively kill the first generation of anticoagulant resistance to the damage to mice.

It has strong toxicity, high efficiency, wide spectrum safety and does not cause secondary poisoning. Its acute toxicity to Mus musculosis is 44 times that of diphrodix sodium, 214 times that of warfarin, and 88 times that of coumatetralyl.

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